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Purchase a bag of treats to be donated to a shelter dog! These limited ingredient treats are USA made by Wholesome Pride and they're not only delicious but they're healthy too.  All treats are minimally processed, gluten-free and grain-free with no artificial ingredients, no fillers and no artificial preservatives making them easy to digest and a great choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitive bellies. Choose from Sweet Potato Chews, Banana Bites or Salmon Bites.
Yummy Facts:

Sweet Potato Chews

  • All natural single ingredient Sweet Potato Fries are a 100% natural treat made simply from sweet potatoes and that's it.  
  • The sweet potatoes are grown on family farms in North Carolina and are part of Wholesome Pride's sustainability initiative 
  • Sweet potatoes and their skins are a natural source of fiber and vegetable-based nutrients.
  • Only 13 calories per treat
  • Sourcing sweet potatoes directly from US Farmers ensures your dog has the highest quality treat.

Banana Bites:

  • All natural two ingredient Banana Bites are a 100% natural treat made simply with dehydrated bananas and coconut oil and nothing else!
  • Only 6 calories per treat
  • Bananas are a great source of potassium, provide a natural source of fiber to aid in healthy digestion and are a a rich source of fruit based nutrients
  • Bananas are sustainably produced and sourced directly from US Farmers to ensure your dog has the highest quality treat.
  • Crunchy texture 
  • Bananas grown in South America, treats prepared and packaged in the US

Salmon Bites:

  • All natural Salmon Bites are a 100% natural treat made simply with raw freeze dried wild caught Alaskan salmon.
  • Only 4 calories per treat
  • Crunchy texture 
  • 2.3 oz bag 

Your purchase will make a shelter dog happy and you'll love knowing your purchase brightened a shelter dog's day!