Core Values

Touch of Grey Rescue – Core Values

Be Kind and Don’t Judge

All ToG Board Members and Volunteers agree to address one another and the public with kindness and respect. We do not judge others for we do not know their circumstance.

1) Owner surrenders – Some of these situations appear incomprehensible. The reality is we never know the physical or mental health of people, or all the details involved. It’s not our place to judge, only to assist however we can with the dog(s) and the human too if possible.

2) Public, Volunteers and Board Members – We strive for all communication to be kind, courteous, and warm. People may be rude at times, tone can be difficult to interpret by text, and miscommunications happen. If miscommunications happen or we encounter an issue with a person or group, we will confront the issue professionally.


There is No Drama in Dog Rescue

We all know this isn’t true...but at Touch of Grey Rescue it is! We are an all-inclusive, dog focused, diverse group of adults. We keep our personal and political views to ourselves, avoid negativity and drama, and always maintain focus on the dogs.

1) We don’t say anything about somebody that we wouldn’t say directly to them.  There are no cliques, and we do not promote or discuss gossip.

2) We are all adults. If we have an issue with something we will problem-solve to work through it. If we have an issue with someone, we will address it the best way we know how. If we are not comfortable addressing a situation or person, then it is our individual responsibility to accept it and move on!


The 3 Q’s

1) Quality of Life – We believe in quality of life over quantity of years. Our number one goal is to give every dog we rescue the best life possible for as much time as they have left. We will never keep a dog alive that is physically or mentally suffering, and we will use whatever medications necessary to eliminate pain and provide comfort.


2) Quality of Medical Care – We will not take in a dog we aren’t prepared to spend thousands on. We will pay for any medical diagnostics or procedures they need to be at their best, and if needed we will fundraise.

3) Quality of Foster Care – We will only accept those fosters into our program that will care for these dogs at or above the level we expect. Our fosters should be prepared to deal with a multitude of medical or behavioral issues.


Every Life Matters


At Touch of Grey Rescue, we often save some of the oldest, sickest and/or most medically complicated dogs. This is because we believe every life matters. Every single dog, regardless of how bad off they are when we find them, deserves a chance to show us what they have.

51% Brain, 49% Heart

Rescue can be emotionally draining. You want to save them all, but you know you can’t.  Many rescues take on too much, get run down, and eventually fold. We have a responsibility to our donors, supporters and most importantly our dogs, to never let that happen. Therefore, we are committed to using our brains and logic for daily decision making, while promising to always keep our hearts attached to everything we do. We also recognize the need to take breaks as individuals and as an organization, and we encourage and promote a balanced healthy lifestyle amongst our board members and volunteers for the longevity of our rescue.