Tucker's Rainbow Bridge and Memorial Garden

Touch of Grey Rescue is fundraising for Tucker's Rainbow Bridge and Memorial Garden.  This will be the Phase 1 in a plan to build the 1st Senior Animal Sanctuary in Brevard County to provide a haven to homeless senior animals and a place to lay them to rest.    

We have an initial fundraising goal of $200,000 to purchase land, design & build the rainbow bridge, and plant a tranquil memorial garden where the public can come and spread the ashes of their beloved pets. 

Tucker's Legacy

Tucker came into our lives 16 years ago on a transport van with 50 other dogs, ears full of mites and in desperate need of a bath. We had just adopted our first dog Lily from a local rescue, and were looking for a playmate for her.   

As soon as Kentucky Tucker walked into our house, he lifted up his leg and pissed on our stairs. This was a pretty good indication of what was to come.  The first couple of years, Tucker destroyed our couch, ate through our dining room table and chairs, and door dashed his way to freedom on more than one occasion.  He’d take off running through fields or neighborhoods while we frantically chased after him.  Despite his challenging and stubborn personality, Tucker was one of the most loyal, lovable, handsome, and happiest of dogs.  We continued fostering dogs throughout Tucker's life, but he started to become less tolerant of their energy as he aged.  So we tried fostering senior dogs instead.  Sure enough, Tucker was more receptive of their calm and less intrusive energy.  After volunteering at a local shelter and seeing how many senior dogs needed help, I founded Touch of Grey Rescue to get more senior dogs out of shelters and into loving foster homes.          

Tucker passed peacefully at home of liver failure at the age of 17 1/2.  He was the reason Touch of Grey Rescue was born, and he continues to inspire us every day to do what we can to give all senior dogs the same peace, love and comfort he was afforded at the end. ToG has saved over 400 dogs since 2019 and we are continuing to grow.  We have a dream to build a senior animal sanctuary with Tucker's Rainbow Bridge and a memorial garden to serve as a retirement haven for abandoned senior animals, and a place to lay them to rest.  I will hold onto Tucker’s ashes until that dream becomes a reality, and he’ll be the first to christen that memorial garden, and perhaps he’ll even have his own statue.  That will be Tucker's legacy.  Rest in peace old boy, your work here is done.