The Princess Rainbow Bridge Fund

The Princess Rainbow Bridge Program was initiated to help aid some members in our community who cannot afford to humanely euthanize their pets who are suffering.  We started this program in memory of Princess, a dog that was brought to us by a concerned citizen after she was found laying by the side of the road.  We assessed her over a 1-2 day period and consulted with our vets to determine that she was suffering from seizures, skin issues and more.  In the meantime, her owners contacted us as a gate had been left open and they happened to be looking for her.  We discovered they had her all their lives and loved her dearly.  Due to increasing seizures and poor quality of life, they had actually contacted different vet clinics two weeks prior, but couldn't afford euthaniaisa.  It all came full circle when we reunited them with Princess at our partner vet.  We paid for her euthanasia and cremation and left so that Princess could be surrounded by her family's love all the way until the end.  No pet should have to suffer, and no family should have to worry about finances at the end of their beloved pet's life.  .