Fospice Program

No dog should die alone in a shelter.  Fospice is the term we use when we bring senior dogs with terminal medical conditions who are in danger of euthanasia, out of the shelter and into loving foster homes where they are able to live out the remainder of their lives. Whether it's a day, week, month or year, we make sure the end of their lives are spent comfortably, pain free, and surrounded by love.  Oftentimes, dogs enter our fospice program after they have spent a period of time with their foster.  Even if they are not necessarily terminal, we assess every dog for their physical, emotional and mental capability to move into an adoptive home.  If a dog is comfortable where they are and their foster is managing their pain, and/or the dog is faced with other complex medical issues and likely does not have years left, we often elect not to move them again.  Please consider sponsoring one of our Forever Fosters to help with their ongoing medical needs.  Sponsor links for each of these beautiful old souls is in in their bio below.  

Winnie is a 12 years old Cocker Spaniel who is blind, hard of hearing, and has a skin condition. Winnie has a sweet and goofy spirit, and you can often find her using her nose to navigate her way to her food or people. She is one of our Fospice dogs due to her medical needs, and will remain in her foster home to receive all the comfort, peace and love she possibly can until it's her time to go to the rainbow bridge. 

Rocky is a 14 years old Chihuahua mix that we picked up from the shelter to find out he has a heart condition. Normally, Rocky would be considered for adoption, however he made it very clear that he didn't want to leave his foster home! After spending several weeks on the run and all night crying and barking for his foster Mom when we tried to adopt him out, we decided Rocky chose his person, and that we should leave him be. Due to his medical and emotional needs, Rocky is a now one of our Fospice dogs. Rocky will stay at his foster home and receive all the TLC he possibly can until it's his time to go to the rainbow bridge. 

Leisel is a 9 year old chihuahua mix that came to us with a hard cancerous mass along her mammary chain. We had that mass removed, but Leisel had a hard time recuperating, and it was decided not to put her through another surgery to remove the other side of her mammary chain. The cancer likely has spread, but Leisel is currently pain free and comfortable. Leisel is part of our Fospice program due to her medical condition and she will remain with her foster mom receiving all the peace love and comfort care she can get until it's her time to go to the rainbow bridge. This sweet little girl is just precious!