Fospice Program

The term Fospice refers to our "Furever Hospice '' program, where dogs stay in their current foster homes until they go to the Rainbow Bridge.  Oftentimes, these are senior dogs with terminal medical conditions who were in danger of euthanasia at a shelter.  We take them out of the shelter and bring them into loving foster homes where they are able to live out the remainder of their lives. Whether it's a day, week, month or year, we make sure their time is filled with TLC and all the things that bring them joy.   While some of our fospice dogs are available for adoption to the right person, for the most part they are either medically or behaviorally unstable and we feel it is in their best interest to stay with their foster families.  Some of our fospice dogs remain in foster homes for a year, sometimes longer.  Please consider supporting one of the sweet souls with their medical needs by donating to our Fospice program.