Doug's Dogs

The man, the myth, the legend.  If you were lucky enough to meet Doug, you would know that he was a funny, kind, spirited and introspective man who loved spending time with his wife and three senior rescue dogs.  Doug was diagnosed with colon cancer, and lost his fight to the disease within months of his diagnosis. In the end, he was surrounded by his family, friends...and his dogs.  Doug had a soft spot for "the underdog".  We witnessed his enjoyment when we relayed tales of rescue adventures with our geriatric and special needs furry friends. After Doug's passing, his wife Cheryl made a generous donation to Touch of Grey Rescue in his memory. 

This donation inspired us to start "Doug's Dogs", a remembrance initiative created to help save younger dogs with special needs or who are critically injured and/or are in need of immediate, and oftentimes expensive medical care.  These dogs are at a very high risk of euthanasia due to their condition, yet often have a very good quality life once their medical needs are addressed. With the funds from Doug’s Dogs initiative, we are able to pay for their surgeries, treatments, and medications, then place them into loving foster or adoptive homes where they live the rest of their lives blissfully happy and pain free. Thank you to Cheryl and Doug, and everyone who contributes to this cause in his memory.   

Some of the many dogs saved through Doug's Dogs

Smokey was hit by a car in February, and suffered a femoral fracture. He was brought to the shelter where he was given a day for rescue commitment, otherwise he would be humanely euthanized.  We pulled our volunteers together to pick him up and have him transported to ASEH in Rockledge where he underwent surgery and has been healing and undergoing physical therapy in a loving foster home ever since.  We didn't know this at the time, but Smokey wasn't even a year old when he had been hit by that care.  He was just a baby!  Smokey is likely right around one year old now, and weighs in at 76 lbs.  He is a silly, playful big boy who loves playing with (and de-floofing!) toys, running in a fenced in yard, snuggling, and giving puppy kisses.  He is food motivated and has started learning basic commands.  

Trina is about 3 years old. and 38 lbs. She was an emergency case which required an immediate amputation of her back leg. She's so sweet despite the injury.  She recovered well, was adopted and is now living her best life in her forever home.

Honey (Her original was Duchess) was hit by a car last July and her owner left her at the vet. Vet notes read the owner did not witness the incident, but did see her crawling back to her with her front limbs only and crying out in pain. She was 7 months old at the time. We took her in and got her surgery. After surgery, long recovery, and spay, she was adopted last December.

Sailor came from the shelter with a dislocated thigh and a pelvic fracture after being hit by a car last August. He was 2 years old at the time.  This adorable boy was adopted last November.

Cheryl and Doug