Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Touch of Grey Rescue family! 




Fundraising Coordinator – 1-2 

The Fundraising Coordinator will help to organize and drive all fundraising efforts outside of events. You will act as point person for various fundraising teams and
community partners to help pull off fundraising efforts in a variety of different themes and areas. As Fundraising Coordinator, you will be responsible for coming up with new and innovative ways to raise money on behalf of our pups. This may include but is not limited to:


     -    Online Auctions– Organize and run 2+ times annually
     -    Garage Sales – Main contact for Garage Sale Hosts
     -    Company Fundraisers (Pampered Chef, Thirty-one, etc)
     -    Car Washes

Garage Sale Host(s) 1-12 

As a Garage Sale Host, you will organize and conduct garage sale(s) for the purpose of raising money on behalf of Touch of Grey Rescue while having the option of retaining 50% of proceeds for your efforts. Touch of Grey Rescue will provide volunteers to help work the event. As a Garage Sale Host, you will:

     -    Work with ToG social media and marketing volunteers to ask for donations and advertise the garage sale
        Act as point person to pick up or give drop off location to people with donations
       Organize, price, and sell donated items
        Advertise garage sale through Next Door, papers, social media, etc.

Events Set-Up and Tear Down Volunteer Team - 2-4 teams 

As an Events Set-up and Tear-down Volunteer you will either set up or tear down (can do both in one day if available) our booth for community events. We suggest having a team of two people for this position, and one person on the team must be able to lift 40 lbs. Must have an SUV to fit all merchandise. Responsibilities include:


     -    Set-Up: Pick up merchandise bins, clothing racks, canopy tent and weights from storage facility on Wickham. Bring everything to event location, set up tent, tables, and merchandise. Wait for Event Sales Volunteers to arrive and you are free to go!

     -    Tear-Down: Communicate with Event Sales Volunteers to determine arrival time. Help pack merchandise into bins, tear down tent, and bring everything back to storage facility on Wickham. The tear-down team will be responsible for communicating with sales volunteers to determine if any merchandise will need to be replenished for next event. If items need to be replenished, tear down team will add items into bins (from same storage facility) to be ready for next event.


Events Sales Volunteers 1-5 

Event Sales Volunteers represent Touch of Grey Rescue at our events and are responsible for selling our merchandise. As an Events Sales Volunteer you should have a warm and engaging personality and knowledge about Touch of Grey Rescue. You should also be willing to attend one event per month on average during our busy season (November – April).

     -    Familiarize yourself as much as possible with Touch of Grey Rescue
        Work event by selling merchandise through Square App, providing education, information and answering questions about Touch of Grey Rescue.
        Try to recruit new volunteers, fosters or supporters. Encourage them to follow our page, shop our online store, and spread the word.
     -    Provide feedback and new ideas with other things we can sell or do at events to engage more supporters.

Online Store Promotions  1 

In this position you will help to promote our online store and come up with a marketing and sales strategy to sell more merchandise in order to raise funds for our dogs. This includes but is not limited to:

        Composing and sending out newsletters promoting merchandise
       Work with marketing and online store manager to market new or existing merchandise
     -    Help to obtain photos of dogs and people with our merchandise and promote on social media and other areas
       Strategize and implement new ways (T-shirt of the month, etc) to engage more shoppers
        Help with merchandise selection and purchasing


Donor Relations Volunteer – 1-2 

As our Donor Relations Volunteer, you will be responsible for maintaining our Keela platform. Your focus will be to maintain an updated and accurate database of donor information, ensuring we are providing receipts for donations and maintaining contact with our donors. Using ethical practices, you will take care not to spam our supporters. Instead, you will come up with creative ways to maintain engagement and garner moreengagement and donations. This includes but is not limited to:


       Learning how to utilize and maximize database and fundraising features through online tutorials and support channels
       Connecting with donors through newsletters, direct mail, etc.
     -    Running reports and analyzing data to set schedules for newsletters or other marketing promotions
     -    Work closely with Executive Director and President on content for newsletters and other communications



Donations Coordinator – 1-2 

The Donations Coordinator will be responsible for responding to people who have items they wish to donate. Responsibilities include:

       Responding to donations request in a timely manner
        Coordinating pickup of donation items
       Organize donation items to determine where they should go: current foster, storage, other rescue, garbage, etc.
     -    Work with Foster Coordinator to maintaining an up-to-date list of current fosters to offer them first dibs on any donation items
     -    Work with Storage Manager to store items in one of our facilities


Storage Manager 1-3 


The Storage Manager will organize and maintain inventory for one or more of our storage locations. We currently have 3 storage facilities, one that is used to store merchandise sold in our online store (Merrit Island), one that stores donations (Eau Gallie), and one that stores our events materials (Wickham). For all three locations we are looking for someone to:

     -    Reorganize the storage facility so that items are clearly labeled and easily found
     -    Maintain a list of inventories at each facility
     -    Work together with the leads  of each facility to maintain open communication on items coming and going


Foster Liaisons 1-5 

As a Foster Liaison (FL) you will support our amazing fosters who are the backbone of our organization. You will be paired with another FL to provide on call support to 1-5 foster families and their dogs. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

        Coordinating meet and greets upon intake, helping to ensure the dog settles into their new surroundings without any issues
       Learning about the dog’s needs and formulating a medical plan together with our Medical Coordinator or Executive Director

        Scheduling and coordinating vet appointments, following up for feedback
     -    Coordinating deliveries of food, supplies or anything the dog needs to be healthy and happy

       Coordinating training or the purchasing and delivery of any items specific to dogs needs
        Maintain consistent contact and communication for medical updates, behavioral changes, updated photos, and help to ensure dog is marketed for adoption                  when ready
       Escalate serious issues to the Foster Coordinator and Executive Director

Adoptions Coordinator – 1 

The Adoptions Coordinator will work closely with Director of Adoptions o assist in reviewing applications, pre-screening potential adopters, and assisting with the adoption process. Duties include but are not limited to:

     -    Reviewing applications, calling applicants, coordinating home visits and meet and greets
     -    Acting as liaison throughout adoption process assisting with questions, concerns throughout trial period
     -    Finalizing adoptions
     -    Promoting adoptable dogs


Medical Coordinator – 1 

As a Medical Coordinator you will review the medical records of all our medically complicated dogs to help ensure a medical plan is in place and being followed by our vet partners and fosters.

     -    Upon intake review all medical records to familiarize yourself with the dog.
     -    Conduct weekly reviews and check ins with Foster and FL to understand where we are at and determine next steps in the plan.
     -    Help to determine whether dog is considered adoptable or hospice.
     -    Ensure nothing has been missed by our vet partners such as adequate pain medication, supplements etc.


Support Materials Coordinator – 1 

As the Support Materials Coordinator you will be responsible for finding, assembling and organizing a variety of materials to help support our fosters and adopters. This may include but is not limited to:

     -    Organizing a repository of training videos to send to our fosters for various issues such as separation anxiety, leash walking, crate training, introductions to
           children/other dogs/cats etc.
     -    Organizing support materials for our hospice fosters including how to know when it’s time, providing a list of natural supplements or other tips for providing end
           stage quality of life.

     -    Organize and work with our Adoptions Coordinator to distribute tips for our adopters to help ensure a successful transition.


Program Manager 1-4 

As our Program Manager, you will grow and maintain one or more of our Hospice, Doug’s Dogs and Princess Rainbow Bridge Programs by increasing marketing and
awareness. You will also help to define, grow and implement processes for new programs such as Seniors for Seniors and our Owner Surrender program. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

     -   Working closely with President and Executive Director to outline and define each program
     -   Conduct research on past dogs to determine how many dogs under each program has been helped and the cost attached
      Establish an estimated annual budget moving forward for each program, and track results
     -   Help to define and implement new programs 

Owner Surrender Program Volunteer 1-2 

As an Owner Surrender Program Volunteer, you will be the point person receiving requests as they come in. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

     -    Reviewing requests and assessing in terms of priority
      Contacting owners for additional information, pictures, etc. to try to help
     -   Coming up with creative solutions to help rehome or assist the pet and family

     -   Work with social media team to write courtesy posts


Grant Writer


As a Grant Writer you will be responsible for researching and finding grant opportunities for Touch of Grey Rescue to apply for. This includes but is not limited to:

     -    Researching grant opportunities
     -    Pulling together financial and program information from Touch of Grey Rescue
     -    Compiling information into reports as requested
     -    Submitting applications with information requested to be considered for grant opportunities
     -    Tracking grant success and finances 




Social Media Guru 1-2 

Our social media guru will help guide our rescue to ensure we are maximizing our efforts to grow awareness and raise funds through social media outlets. As a Social Media Guru you will:

     -    Conduct an initial overview and introduction to our social media team about various platforms and how we can utilize them to our benefit
     -    Provide guidelines and tips for posting content on various platforms
     -    Organize monthly meetings with social media team for feedback and new ideas
     -    Stay current on new trends, new platforms, and ways we can improve
     -    Receive content, review/edit as needed and schedule all social media posts


Content Curators – 3-5 

Our Content Curators will reach out to our current fosters and visit their pups to get cute photos, videos, and stories. As a Content Curator, you should have a skill in either writing stories, producing videos, or taking adorable photos. As a Content Curator you will:

     -   Introduce yourself to our fosters and schedule times to visit their pups
     -   Take videos or photos and combine with cute sayings, updates, or heartwarming stories to pair with images for posting on social media.
     -   Work with Online Shop Manager to promote our merchandise

     -   Send finished product to Social Media Guru for editing and posting

Marketing/Website Volunteer – 1 

As a Marketing/Website Volunteer you will work with our President and Website Administrator on various projects throughout the year. This may include but is not
limited to:

     -    Evaluate website for SEO and make recommendations to improve our reach
     -    Help with writing and providing content for new pages (Poocharella, new programs, etc)
     -    Help marketing team as needed with flyer or banner designs


Public Relations 1-4

As a Public Relations volunteer you will work closely with the President to spread awareness of our rescue, share stories to local and National publications with the goal of obtaining more supporters and donations for our dogs. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


     -   Researching and contacting local newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets to share stories or information about ToG
     -   Writing press releases and sending to local newspapers and publications
      Attending local networking events as a ToG Representative to identify opportunities to increase awareness
     -   Working with social media team to identify certain stories or videos that may be newsworthy
      Researching opportunities Nationally to put our rescue on the map